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Get Ready For a Book Proposal Acceleration Experience Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Done

Accomplish more hammering out your book proposal with me in 3 days, than you did all of the last year thinking about it.

Book Proposal Development Intensive
January 30, 31, and February 1, 2019

What Robin’s Clients Say

“Converting a great idea into a great book is a journey that can use a navigator. Robin is a seasoned author coach who can help you craft a roadmap, guide you along it, and provide insiders’ tips on how to go from concept to outline to agent and beyond. If you’re a play to win kind of author, Robin’s your secret weapon.” Dr. William Li - Founder of Angiogenesis Foundation, Author of Eat to Beat Disease, to be published by Grand Central Life & Style (an imprint of Hachette Book Group), March 2019.

“Robin has a wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry that helped me avoid costly mistakes and wasting precious time. Everyone says they want to write a book. If you hire Robin, you will actually walk the talk.” Debi Berndt - CEO, Creative Mind Media, Author of Let Love In, Published by John Wiley & Sons

“Robin is part writing coach, part business advisor, part life coach, but always with laser-like focus on the goal: becoming a published author and recognized authority in my field. She identified my unique selling point, introduced me to New York literary agents, coached me to expand my platform, and networked me to some of her other clients, all with amazing life’s work.” Ed Kramer - Former Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic, book proposal with agents.

“I am so grateful for all of the outstanding and heartfelt work Robin contributed to Resurrecting Venus. She is the one woman who could do it. I am so happy to have been led to her.” Cynthia Occell - Founder Beautiful Life School, author of Resurrecting Venus published by Hay House

“Robin Colucci got this book off the starting line and over the finish line. Her help and partnership has been monumental. She under promised and over delivered, and this book is equally hers as it is mine. I just get all the credit!” Vince Del Monte - CEO Del Monte Fitness Services, author of Living Large published by BenBella Books

Here Is Why You Need This

If you are serious about getting a bona fide,
legit book deal with a major publishing house
that pays you a 6- or 7-figure advance,
this could be the most important website
you’ll ever visit.

Yeah, I know it sounds a little presumptuous,
but let me explain.

Everyone knows writing a book proposal is the
first step toward getting a traditional book deal,
but few have the connections and expertise
to actually help you get it done. 

If we haven’t met, my name is Robin Colucci.

I’ve helped clients land multiple 6-figure
and 7-figure book deals for their nonfiction
books and use the momentum
of being traditionally published
to catapult their businesses forward.
Some have gone on to increase
their business income as much as 600X
as a result*.

But before you can sign a book deal,
you need a literary agent,
and before you can get one of those,
you need to prepare a stellar book proposal.

Lucky for you, I’m hosting a 3-day
live book proposal development intensive,
so you can get away from the do-it-yourself
home study book proposal kit and sit down
with a few other highly accomplished
entrepreneurially-minded wannabe authors
and get the first draft of your book proposal
DONE. And, you’ll meet a few top NYC-based
literary agents in an exclusive,
intimate setting.
Who knows?
One of them might turn out to become
YOUR agent!

No gimmicks. No b.s.

This is a fast-track, no-nonsense intensive
that takes my book proposal formula,
which has led to multi-6-figure and 7-figure
book deals, and integrates it with meeting
real-life top New York literary agents,
so you can develop a book proposal
and connect with agents right away, and
from there, plan your next steps
with up-to-the-minute accurate
information on the best course of action for YOU.

*As with any business initiative, there is a risk of financial loss.
Your income and results depend upon many factors beyond
service provider’s control. 
We cannot guarantee that you will
realize any increase in income or secure a book deal
as a result of your participation.

“Robin presents my work in the best light and gets the interest of literary agents, and so we have this connection that normally you would be fighting in a crowd of thousands at writer’s conferences (to create). You get this personal touch.” ~ Michelle Bersell, psychotherapist and life coach.


If you wanted to, you could figure out how to create a book proposal and find an agent on your own.

But consider this… how much time, energy, and money, have you spent – and what have you got?

You could continue to muddle through, OR you could access the brain trust of a premier book writing coach and knock out the first draft of your book proposal in three days.

The time you spend trying to figure everything out, is time you could spend getting ready to meet with publishers. 


I have created an empowering process for you to walk away with a first draft of a stellar book proposal PLUS a road map to complete your final draft within weeks of competing the course.

(Without a giant price tag)

Think about that for a second. You can get all the elements of your book proposal drafted out and connect with literary agents with me (instead of wasting time and energy “shoulding” all over yourself).


Now I could just train you – a half day workshop on techniques and best practices – but let’s face it… you and I both know you don’t need any more information.

You see, as an entrepreneur you often get in your own way.

You’ve experienced what is called, “Superhero Syndrome,” and you think you can do it all. While you know you could do it yourself, by the time you get around to it…you’ve lost 3 months… maybe more. Essentially, your work just piles up on top of you, and you keep drinking from the information firehose thinking, “One day I’ll make time and write a book proposal,” but you never get around to EXECUTE. So, if I just offered you information, it’s not actually going to serve you.

Have you ever attended some seminar and then never done anything with it?

Me too! Both time and money wasted right?!

I hate the feeling of leaving a training or conference with a book full of notes and to-dos that will take months to execute, and I never even get around to doing it, because I’m left on my own to figure it out…

So, I decided to offer a different kind of training event…






Why just learn, when you can get stuff done?

I have come up with a solution that gives me the opportunity to do most of the heavy lifting WITH you, and you can leave with your book proposal first draft COMPLETE. This is the EXACT same process I use for my 6-figure private clients.

No more filling your head with knowledge you’d have to figure out how to implement on your own.

Now, you can have your book proposal drafted out, and a plan for how you will move it forward toward getting an agent and securing a book deal before you even leave.

So you leave WITH a DONE LIST, not just a whole new string of to-dos.


Unlock the Insider’s World of Publishing
at the Book Proposal Development 
Intensive in New York City

During our 3 days together, I have two primary objectives.

To help you: 


This allows me to provide you with the
tools and “know-how,” so you have everything
you need to get your book proposal finalized and continue the conversation with literary agents, so you can get that book deal you’ve always dreamed about.

No fluff, just some badass ninja-ness!


Join Robin Colucci and a small group of committed entrepreneurially-minded experts for a book proposal acceleration experience like no other. Here’s a list of what we’ll get done…

  • Set goals (business and personal)
  • Define Ideal Reader/Client
  • Discover your Unique Salable Concept that distinguishes you from the rest and makes your book (and business) THE choice for your ideal clients and readers.
  • Choose a structure (1 of 4 of the all time “Bestseller Blueprints”)
  • Build a detailed outline with key talking points for your chapter summaries
  • Define the markets of who will read your book and devise an action plan to promote it, so we can show publishers why they should pay you a huge advance
  • Write the About the Author page
  • Draft the Overview, which is the key make-or-break item in every book proposal.
  • PLUS AS A BONUS: Meet top literary agents at an exclusive agents’ panel facilitated by yours truly.

Small Group Coaching At Its Best

We’ve set aside plenty of time for doing the actual work, hot seats, Q&A, and personal interaction.

(This is not your typical training event; this is all about PERSONALIZED, CUSTOM IMPLEMENTATION.)

The whole time, the focus revolves around YOU and YOUR content and how you can pull together your best ideas into a clear, compelling proposal for a salable book.

Then, all that’s left to do is to refine, polish, and DEPLOY it!

It doesn’t get much easier and more ‘results-based’ than that.

No more guessing, stalling, or spit-balling book ideas until your head aches.

But don’t take my word for it!

Hear what these other participants have to say about their  experience —->

“Robin is a connector. She sees talent, and she sees opportunity and she puts it together in an amazing way. She’s a true facilitator.” ~ Bree Argetsinger, a.k.a. “The Betty Rocker”

“The types of mistakes that can be made early on as a new author can be easily prevented if you have someone like Robin at your side…The ENERGY of the room was MAGNIFICENT!” Liz Hafer, Chief Adventure Officer, Corporate Teams


This intensive is deliberately small, so that I can personally help you get everything fleshed out. You will be working directly with me, and only a small group of select participants will be accepted. (So this is VERY hands on).


Due to the intensive, hands-on nature of the event, enrollment is selective and limited.
Participation in this exclusive program isn’t for everyone and it very well might not be the right fit for you.
It’s NOT cheap, and because I can only accept a few people, I need to be very selective about who I let in…I am sharing the secrets of my craft, taking you behind the scenes, introducing you to my treasured literary agent contacts, and doing most of the heavy lifting with you.
Because of the nature of the course (it being an intimate hands on experience) and because I am going to be working with you directly, I have found that the success of the experience for you, me, and everyone else is contingent upon having the right people in the mix.
This way you can be assured that you will get the most from the experience. As a result participation in the Book Proposal Development Intensive is by APPLICATION ONLY.
You couldn’t buy access even if you wanted to at any price point.
I’m selective about who we allow to participate, as I need to ensure you are a good fit and that I can help you get tremendous results.

Take Action Before It’s Full!

Book Proposal Development

Intensive in New York City


Here are the basic requirements…

  • You must already be active in the field you wish to write about. Active means you are earning money doing this, and you have been at it for a while.
  • You must already have, or have the means to create hard evidence of your ability to attract and reach an audience.

This may be one or more of the following:


  • Exposure on national TV or in national magazines
  • An occupation that has put you in a prominent, highly visible position
  • A strong social media following (like over 100,000 likes on FB or followers on Twitter)
  • A widely-viewed TED talk (= or >1 million views is a nice number),
  • Strong connections to high profile public figures and/or celebrities who are willing to assist you in promoting the book and building a name for yourself
  • A huge email list (100,000+)
  • A solid speaking platform where you speak in front of several thousand people over the course of a year, or…
  • You’ve done something freakin’ amazing that would make people want to put you on TV and write about you (think Capt. Sully landing an airplane on the Hudson).
  • Your book topic must be about something that is of interest to millions of people. (No small niche subjects for this type of venture.) Hint: the 7 best-selling topic areas of all time are (in no particular order) are: dating and relationships, health and fitness, sex, money, parenting, business, and happiness.
  • You need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work your butt off for 3 intense days to create your book proposal’s first draft. This is not a learning seminar where you passively sit and watch; this is a doing intensive. You must be ready to work. Pure transparency: you will be asked to do homework each evening after the day’s session. It’s the only way to get it done.
  • You need to be prepared to invest in yourself and your success. This isn’t some cheap seminar training you can pick up anywhere. This is a premium experience designed for the 1% who will take the time, money, energy to get results and understand the importance and effect of investing in your self.
  • You need to be able to move quickly… if this is not the right time for you to make your move, please don’t apply. These events get sold out every single time, so only apply if you’re ready to act now if you are presented an invitation to join me.
  • Lastly, we have a strict high-vibe policy. You are a compassionate and successful person who likes to share and help others as much as you like to succeed. I love working with A+ players, and if you don’t consider yourself one, it’s probably not a good fit for you.

So, if all of this sounds like you, and you meet the requirements, and you want to be considered for this workshop and join the ranks of some of the world’s top experts, click HERE to schedule an appointment and fill out the brief but important application form.

I’ll personally review your application, and if I think this might be what you need, we’ll have a phone conversation to discuss.

Then we’ll discover whether you qualify, and if it’s what you need, given where you currently are in your development as a ready-to-publish expert.

We’ll answer any questions that you may have and discuss the various options available for joining this elite group at this event. And if not, no hard feelings either way. I’ll probably have some great suggestions for what you can do to get ready, and we’ll virtual high five and hang up, friends.

Please note that spaces are very limited and completing an application is no guarantee of acceptance.

Book your appointment to take the next step now, and let’s see if this is what you need to finally get that book deal dream off the back burner and into full-on action!

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Check Out These Upcoming Dates 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this best for? (Can it help my business?) This experience is designed for entrepreneurially minded wannabe authors who already have momentum in generating their business or furthering their cause. Includes information businesses, coaches, service providers, consultants, non-profit founders, CEOs, professionals doing leading-edge work, and other thought-leader/experts. What do I need to have ready to make the most of the experience? I will provide you with some pre-work to help you prepare and make the most of our time together. Will this be recorded? No. Everything that is discussed remains confidential, and you are only permitted to share information outside that is specific to you and your project, unless you obtain the written consent of everyone else present.

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