People come to us all the time with the same excuse:” I’m not a writer, I can’t write a book!” so, we’ve …

A real-deal, ethical literary agent doesn't 'cost' you anything. Literary agents should never charge you  upfront. That’s right – not a single penny. They only make money as a percentage of your royalties on book sales, and that check comes directly from the publisher. 

I told my team I’d have a blogpost ready to go in the morning. And I can’t really see myself showing up to the morning meeting as the CEO and telling my team, “Yeah, I finished my calls at 4:30, but I did other stuff for 6-hours and then I was just too tired.” That’s a kind of leadership, I guess, but not the kind I want to promote in my business.

Almost every author aspires to be a "#1 bestselling author," but why is every author a #1 bestselling author? We’ve all seen it: that "#1 Bestseller" circle slapped on book covers everywhere. It's got to make one wonder, how are so many not-so-well-known people becoming #1 bestselling authors? 

To have a firm grasp on your why will help make the time and money you invest in writing and publishing your book worth it.

The Author’s Corner Season 3 has wrapped.  I hope you had the chance to tune in and listen to every value-packed episode, …

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