Attention Bonafide Experts:

If you lack the time and knowledge you need to get a literary agent and a deal with a traditional publisher…

Give me 3 Days, and I’ll guide you through completing the first (and hardest) step, drafting a book proposal and meeting with some of the industry’s top literary agents.

Location: New York, NY, USA
Date: February 5-7, 2020



From the Desk of Robin Colucci, the go-to resource for World Class Experts Who Want to Publish World Changing Books​

Dear friend,

If you want to bring your years of expertise and massive informational value to the mass market, like New York Times bestselling author Dr. William Li, whom you’ll meet farther down the page, this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Because in New York City on February 5-7, 2020, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to nail down your book’s clear, salable concept, complete the first draft of your book proposal, AND to meet top New York literary agents who are interested in your work.

If you’re currently not in a position to invest $30,000 and 6 months of private work, chipping away at your book proposal bit-by-bit, then attending this upcoming event is a rare chance for you to get a first draft of your book proposal done for less than $10,000 in just 3 days. To put that in perspective, that’s the equivalent of 4% of the average advance that my clients get when they sign their first book deal*.

Now, if you don’t believe that’s possible for you, then go ahead and close this window…because I already know we won’t be a good fit to work together.

Plus, there’s no need to “sell” you on applying. Instead, I’ll just share with you who this opportunity is for, and who it is NOT for…

This Intensive Is NOT For You If…

This Intensive IS For Your If…

"Is My Message A Good Fit for a Mass Market Book Deal?"

It depends. If your background (or CV) includes one or more of the following, then YES!

National Media Publicity

Strong Social Platform

Extraordinary Business Success


Being a CEO or Founder of an impactful company or organization


Solving Big Problems on a Mass Scale

Creating and Implementing New Success Models

Paradigm-shifting Research

National or International Awards or Recognition

(Ex. Nobel Prize or other highly prestigious award or widely reported accomplishment)

See What Others Are Saying About the Book Proposal Development Intensive

Michelle Bersell, psychotherapist and life coach

“Robin presents my work in the best light and gets the interest of literary agents, and so we have this connection that normally you would be fighting in a crowd of thousands at writer’s conferences (to create). You get this personal touch.”

Bree Argetsinger, a.k.a. “The Betty Rocker”

“Robin is a connector. She sees talent, and she sees opportunity and she puts it together in an amazing way. She’s a true facilitator.”

Ali Chalupa, National Security Expert

“I’ve had a fantastic 3 day experience and learned so much. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know before taking Robin’s course. I’ve wanted to write this book for a quick a while and all of the sudden, everything is flowing now.”

Liz Hafer, Chief Adventure Officer, Corporate Teams

“The types of mistakes that can be made early on as a new author can be easily prevented if you have someone like Robin at your side…The ENERGY of the room was MAGNIFICENT!”

Ben Eisenberg, founder of Smarter Campaigns

“I was unaware that when you’re submitting a book proposal, you need to include a full sample chapter… now I’m aware that publishers will throw your book proposal out if your sample chapter is not included.”

Dr. David Vaughan, working on book about corals

“I learned so much in just the past 2 or 3 days, that even on the first day it was worth all my effort and any of cost for this thing. Anybody looking to write their own book has to do one of these before they actually even consider they have a chance to publish a book.”

You don’t have to be someone who just reads about others’ publishing success… you can have it too. You’ve just got to stop putting your book on hold and get through these crucial steps, just like my students have.

Ready To Write A Kick-Ass Book Proposal and Meet Literary Agents, so You Can Sell Your World-Changing Book to a Top Publisher and Grow Your Brand, Business, AND Your Bank Account?

As Soon As You Finalize Your Registration to Our Upcoming Intensive, You’ll Start to Receive Coaching From Us…

…And An Autographed Copy of My Book, How To Write A Book That Sells YOU.

Do You Want to Receive 3-Months of Results In Just 3-Days?

While we can’t do ALL the work for you, if you come to all the sessions and complete all the homework we assign, I promise that you’ll walk out of the 3-day intensive with:

Still A Bit Skeptical That You Can Succeed At This? These Men And Women Were (And Are) No Different From You…


Converting a great idea into a great book is a journey that can use a navigator. Robin is a seasoned author coach who can help you craft a roadmap, guide you along it, and provide insiders’ tips on how to go from concept to outline to agent and beyond. If you’re a play to win kind of author, Robin’s your secret weapon.

Dr. William Li


Founder of Angiogenesis Foundation, Author of Eat to Beat Disease, New York Times bestseller published by Grand Central Life & Style

Robin has a wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry that helped me avoid costly mistakes and wasting precious time. Everyone says they want to write a book. If you hire Robin, you will actually walk the talk.

Debi Berndt


CEO, Creative Mind Media, Author of Let Love In, published by John Wiley & Sons

Robin is part writing coach, part business advisor, part life coach, but always with laser-like focus on the goal: becoming a published author and recognized authority in my field. She identified my unique selling point, introduced me to New York literary agents, coached me to expand my platform, and networked me to some of her other clients, all with amazing life’s work.

Ed Kramer


Former Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic, book proposal with agents

I am so grateful for all of the outstanding and heartfelt work Robin contributed to Resurrecting Venus. She is the one woman who could do it. I am so happy to have been led to her.

Cynthia Occell


Founder Beautiful Life School, author of Resurrecting Venus, published by Hay House


Robin Colucci got this book off the starting line and over the finish line. Her help and partnership has been monumental. She under promised and over delivered, and this book is equally hers as it is mine. I just get all the credit!

Vince Del Monte


CEO Del Monte Fitness Services, author of Living Large, published by BenBella Books

Ready To Write A Kick-Ass Book Proposal and Meet Literary Agents, so You Can Sell Your World-Changing Book to a Top Publisher and Grow Your Brand, Business, AND Your Bank Account?


Seats Are Limited.
Extremely Limited.

This Intensive is VERY Hands-on. You will get individual instruction and coaching every step of the way for the entire 3-days, so we need to keep it small.

Let me make this clear…

We are NOT looking to add more “clients” to our roster. We ONLY want Success Stories.

As you can tell, we have high standards—for ourselves and for you. Take this year as an example. So far in 2019, one client’s book became a New York Times bestseller, another client just signed a book deal with a top publisher, and 6 are on pace to be signed with top literary agents.

Here’s the truth. Every single person who has been accepted to our program, followed our coaching, and taken ALL the steps we prescribe has gotten an agent and been offered a book deal. Every. Single. One.

All that means is that we don’t want you in the Intensive if we do not believe you are an excellent candidate for an agent and a book deal.

We need to be certain that this is the best fit for you, and we need you to be certain too.

There’s really no way for either of us to know for sure unless we talk and get to know each other.

So, if you’re interested in taking the next step, let’s get on a call ASAP…

…we’ll get clear on the vision of why you want a book and what you want to do with your book once it’s out, and we’ll brainstorm a game plan to fix your biggest struggle with taking the next steps. Afterward, you’ll feel clear and confident in what to do moving forward.

We’ll also ask you a few other questions, and feel free to do the same with us. If, after it all, everything sounds good to both of us, then we’ll offer you the chance to secure one of the 5 available spots.

Here's What You'll Need to Do Next

At the bottom of this page you’ll find an application form where you’ll answer a few simple questions (it won’t take more than 3 minutes to complete)…

Once you’ve filled out the form, follow the steps on the next page to schedule your Discovery Call with me, Robin Colucci.

If I feel you’d be a great fit for the upcoming event, I’ll invite you to join us.

Now, while this intensive opportunity certainly won’t cost you an arm and a leg, it won’t be cheap either. Yet I can promise you this…

It’ll Be The Best Decision You Can Make to Get Your Book Out of Your Head And Onto Bookshelves.

Since space is limited, applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

We’re excited to hear from you and to meet you in person at the event.

How's The Event Structured?

Day 1: Wednesday, February 5th

This day is dedicated to laying the foundation. Getting clear on your salable concept and understanding where your book fits in the marketplace.

Day 2: Thursday, February 6th

We will focus on your author platform, documenting how you currently reach your audience, and determining where you need to grow, and what sorts of actions you’ll do to promote your book that promote and grow your business or cause at the same time.

Day 3: Friday, February 7th

In the morning, we’ll generate the outline for your book and identify key talking points for each chapter, and in the afternoon, we’ll bring some of NYC’s top literary agents into the room to meet with you, share insights on the publishing process, hear your book ideas, and provide some initial feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the honest truth…writing a book is like getting pregnant. You’ll never be 100% ready. And if you’re waiting for the “perfect time,” it will never happen. To hesitate will only delay your dreams from coming true, so if you’re serious about getting an agent and a book deal, just start. You’ll never regret taking a chance on yourself.

Because waiting is only costing you opportunity. You could continue to fumble around on your own. Ask your friends how they got their book deal. Read some books on how to do a book proposal, but if you don’t know the ins and outs of the industry, the items agents and publishers look for, or how to tell the difference between a winning salable concept and a clunker, you’re going to waste a lot of time that could be spent basking in the accolades of being successfully published.

I’m going to be frank. You need money to get a book off the ground. Our goal is to help you get your book proposal done and a big check as an advance on royalties, but a book deal is not the answer to solving money problems. If you are having trouble paying your bills, my advice is to go and get that handled. Get yourself a business coach. Learn how to do sales. Do whatever you need to do to cover your monthly nut, and then come back and see me about getting your book done.

This isn’t babysitting. We will tell you exactly what to do, so you can get the results you seek, but you need to do your part, Great ideas aren’t worth the paper they’re written on unless you follow through.

On a side note, if you need coaching so you can write your own stuff better, or you need a ghostwriter, we can provide those services. Ask us for details.

This 3-day Intensive is INTENSE. For best results, and out of respect for the group, we expect you to show up on time for each session, bright-eyed, rested, and ready to work. Attend every minute of every session, do the homework, eat low-carb meals, drink plenty of water, ingest little to no alcohol both nights, and go to bed early. Follow through afterwards by taking the actions we prescribe.

No. We will vet you to make sure we believe you have the ability to succeed in this program. Yet, your success is your responsibility. If you can’t extract the value after spending 3-days in a room with other world class experts and meeting top literary agents, you’re not cut out for this. It sounds harsh, but that’s how confident we are in our program and the caliber of people we bring in.

*As with any business initiative, there is a risk of financial loss. Your income and results depend upon many factors beyond service provider’s control. We cannot guarantee that you will realize any increase in income or secure a book deal as a result of your participation.

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September 9-11, 2020




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