Most first time authors have no idea where or how to start promoting their book. Even authors on their second, third, and fourth books struggle with it! But it doesn’t have to be something that you dread.  Here's a shortlist of 5 of The Author's Corner podcast interviews I've handpicked for their the insightful and innovative tips. 


I had a client once, a first-time author, who didn’t realize they forgot to add an Acknowledgements page until the book was …

The Author's Corner Season 4 Recap

If you missed some of The Author’s Corner Season 4 – have no fear! Here’s a quick description of each episode so …

To figure out if your book idea is original is quite simple: look at what’s already out there. See what has already been written. The step is called a “Comparable Book Analysis,” or "Book Comps," which means you will compare and contrast books similar to the one you have in mind to see what they’ve got, and what they lack. This is all part of making the case for why your book needs to be published.

People come to us all the time with the same excuse:” I’m not a writer, I can’t write a book!”,  so, we’ve …

Paper Supply Shortages affect publishing too

The COVID-19 pandemic has finally caught up with the publishing industry. But if your heart is set on a traditional publishing deal, go for it. Don’t wait for it all to get better. Adjust your expectations, and get strategic about how you can leverage your book to help you achieve your bigger goals.

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