Self Published


Excuse Limit Zero: From a Troubled Life to Writing a Book in 4 Months

Greg Fernandes

My name is Greg Fernandes. I am an author, speaker and educator. When I’m asked what inspired me to write a book, it’s hard to answer that question because I really never saw myself writing a book. I discovered that Robin was the real deal when my mentor, Steve Siegel, did a little research on her. And we discovered that she had worked with a Nobel prize winner. She had worked with an astronaut and she was someone that I should get to know.


Exit the Maze: One Client’s Journey to an Award-Winning Book

Dr. Donna Marks

My book came out in February and yesterday I was notified that I received an award from the International Book Fest. I received first place award for my category, which was addictions and mental health. I’m very, very excited about that.

Traditionally Published


Frontline CEO: Eric Strafel's Journey From Perplexed to Published

Eric Strafel

Early on, I decided I wanted to write a book about leadership and I had been a leader for about 20 years, and I felt like I had something to say. Leadership today is different and I’ve learned a lot of lessons in between here and there. I knew I needed some help. I’d never written a book before. It’s a little bit scary when you think about not being an author and can I really do this? Especially trying to balance work and family commitments and so I met with a couple of coaches and Robin was one of those.


Getting Published on Spaceship Earth: An Astronaut's Journey to Becoming An Author

Nicole Stott

Hi, my name is Nicole Stott. I am a retired NASA astronaut and aquanaut, now artist. I was blessed with the opportunity to fly in space two times. One time for a little over three months on the International Space Station, and then a second flight, which was the final flight of the space shuttle Discovery, where we went back to the space station but was only there for about two weeks.


Light Speed: From Idea to Agent to Published in Less Than a Year!

Steve Kahan

Hi, my name is Steve Kahan, and I’m the author of “Be a Startup Superstar.” I’ve worked with seven startup companies, all of whom successfully sold or have gone public, generating over $3.5 billion in shareholder value.