Paper Supply Shortages affect publishing too

The COVID-19 pandemic has finally caught up with the publishing industry. But if your heart is set on a traditional publishing deal, go for it. Don’t wait for it all to get better. Adjust your expectations, and get strategic about how you can leverage your book to help you achieve your bigger goals.

A real-deal, ethical literary agent doesn't 'cost' you anything. Literary agents should never charge you  upfront. That’s right – not a single penny. They only make money as a percentage of your royalties on book sales, and that check comes directly from the publisher. 

how to write when you don't want to

I told my team I’d have a blogpost ready to go in the morning. And I can’t really see myself showing up to the morning meeting as the CEO and telling my team, “Yeah, I finished my calls at 4:30, but I did other stuff for 6-hours and then I was just too tired.” That’s a kind of leadership, I guess, but not the kind I want to promote in my business.

Almost every author aspires to be a "#1 bestselling author," but why is every author a #1 bestselling author? We’ve all seen it: that "#1 Bestseller" circle slapped on book covers everywhere. It's got to make one wonder, how are so many not-so-well-known people becoming #1 bestselling authors? 

To have a firm grasp on your why will help make the time and money you invest in writing and publishing your book worth it.

The Author's Corner robin colucci

The Author’s Corner Season 3 has wrapped.  I hope you had the chance to tune in and listen to every value-packed episode, …

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