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100% Success Continues through 2023 at World Changing Books

We are excited to say that our 100% success rate with our clients continued through...

Book Writing Tips

How Blogs are Different Than Nonfiction Books

Blogs are different than nonfiction books. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone...

Promote Your Book

How to Get Noticed as an Author

A book is a perfect positioning tool to bolster your authority, but just because you...

Become an Author

Navigating the Traditional Publishing Route

For most, navigating the traditional publishing route is like entering a foreign land. It can...

Book Writing Tips

How to Write in a Conversational Tone

When it comes to writing coaching, the number-one request I get from clients is, “Can...


The Author’s Corner: Season 5 in Review

Over 2 years. 100 episodes. Here’s The Author’s Corner’s Season 5 recap. When I started The...

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How to Write a Book That Sells YOU


How to Write a Book That Sells YOU

Learn how to write, publish, and sell world-changing books with this insightful guide for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

The Publishing Process Checklist

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The Publishing Process Checklist

Move steadily from great idea to published book with this step-by-step book publishing guide by Robin Colucci.

The Fraud Factor Audio Exercise

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The Fraud Factor Audio Exercise

Unearth the ‘why’ behind your self-doubt and employ Robin Colucci’s exercise to eradicate the fraud factor for good.