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robin colucci's How to write a book that sells you

More than eighty percent of the American population believes they should write and publish a book, but less than one percent actually does so. In How to Write a Book That Sells YOU, author Robin Colucci guides coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs in writing and publishing a book that can become a power tool in their business.

The steps presented in this guide seek to help you avoid or handle most of the blocks, distractions, and misunderstandings that prevent people from becoming authors. It teaches you how to excavate your most radical, leading-edge ideas and get them into a book that excites your audience and expands your impact.


The Publishing Process Checklist

guide for book ideas by robin colucci

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the entire process of creating a book idea, researching the topic, writing, editing and finishing your book. No more excuses, start your process today!


The Fraud Factor Audio

fraud factor in book writing cover image

Many experts feel that they are not “enough” – not smart enough, experienced enough or good enough to write a book. There are many reasons for this, but luckily there is also a handy solution: my Fraud Factor exercise. Download it now to kick self-doubt to the curb.