book that grows business

Robin Colucci

Principal Founder

Robin Colucci is the Principal founder of World Changing Books. Her clients have been published by “Big 5” and other top publishing houses and others have self-published.

Asia Small

Head of Operations

As Operations Manager and “Chief Officer of Delight,” Asia Small handles our back-end operations.

Aubrey Polliard

Book Coach and Project Manager

Aubrey Polliard is a writer and editor who has contributed her talents to the development of books published by Seal Press, Vertel, and Harvest on topics such as science, climate change, and self-help.

Karin Crompton


Karin Crompton is a writer, editor, and award-winning journalist from southeastern Connecticut. She has played a role in 19 published nonfiction books, including ghostwriter, coach, book doctor, and proofreader. Her portfolio includes contributions to publications such as Insider, The Independent, NBC Think, Wired, and Mental Floss.

Maya Hoffman

Book coach, ghostwriter, copy editor

Maya Hoffman is a writer, editor, and sailor who has collaborated on books about finance, psychology, business, history, and self-help that have been purchased by Big 5 publishers, such as Hachette.

John Peragine


John Peragine is a prolific author and ghostwriter, with an extensive portfolio spanning multiple genres and subjects. He also has contributed to prominent journalism outlets, including the New York Times, Today Show, Reuters, and Bloomberg News.

Felicia Lee


Felicia Lee is a writer, editor, and former researcher in linguistics. She has helped scholars from institutions such as Harvard Medical School and MIT Open Learning and has done commercial writing with publications like the Los Angeles Times and

Elizabeth Walsh


Elizabeth Walsh is a journalist and producer who has written and worked for Al Jazeera English, The New York Times, United Nations, France 24, and other international media organizations.

Leslie Marshall

Ghostwriter and Book Coach

Leslie Marshall has written several of her own novels, and collaborates on history, memoir, and self-help books that have been published by Big 5 publishers, such as HarperCollins.

Dylan Hoffman

Ghostwriter and Book Coach

Dylan Hoffman is a writer, editor, and theater director who has collaborated on business, science, and medicine books published by McGraw Hill, Ben Bella, Wiley, and more.